Narnia’s Lantern Way: A worldview conference for the whole family

Discovery Church
205 W 3rd Street
Yankton, SD. 57078
(605) 689-2211

Schedule for April 9th, 2022:

9:00AM Missouri Valley Christian Academy Snack Bar, Registration and Fellowship
9:30AM Worship
9:45AM Talk 1: Pastor Cory Kitch
10:30AM Missouri Valley Christian Academy Snack Bar, Coloring Pages for Kids
11:00AM Talk 2: Luke Perkins (Children dismissed for supervised activity downstairs)
12:00PM Lunch (Free will donation accepted), Book Prize Giveaway
1:00PM Talk 3: Pastor Jon Hawkins

April 9th, 2022
A one day event for the whole family: Narnia’s Lantern Way is a conference designed to reinforce a robust biblical worldview by exploring the rich and happy land of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. Together the whole family will fellowship and learn how Lewis’ Narnia shows us what it means to be truly changed from the heart, what it means to be a man or a woman, and what it’s really like to walk with Jesus Christ.    

Pastor Cory’s Talk

Cory Kitch is the main preaching pastor at Discovery Church in Yankton, SD. Cory’s talk is called, “No Other Stream: Why Being Born Again Still Matters.” This talk will focus on why it is vital that the church not slip from proclaiming salvation as “new birth” and must live their everyday lives as new creatures in Christ.

Luke’s Talk

Luke Perkins is an elder at First Baptist Church in Brookings, SD and the leader of Equip Campus Ministries at SDSU. Luke’s talk is called, “Always a King or Queen: Men and Women Through Narnian Eyes”. Luke’s talk will focus on how Lewis uses Narnian characters to put biblical masculinity and femininity on display.

Pastor Jon’s Talk

Jon Hawkins is the preaching pastor at Arbor Drive Community Church in York, NE. Jon’s talk is called, “Following the Lion: Learning to Follow Jesus by Visiting Narnia.” Jon’s talk will focus on how Lewis uses the famous character of Aslan to teach us what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

For Kids

There will be various “kid-friendly” activities throughout the morning. We are encouraging families to experience our first worship time and our first talk all together as a family (though nursery will be provided). There will be a snack and coloring time with a book prize giveaway after our first sessions. For our second session the kids will be dismissed for their own supervised activity. Then, we will all come together again for lunch and our final session. Our desire is that the whole family can experience this event together. A room adjacent to our main speaking area is available if you want to continue to hear the messages but also need to let your kids spread out and wiggle a bit.

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