5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 2

Jesus Came to Die to Bring Us to God I once watched a car commercial where a gravelly voiced narrator told viewers that the “journey was the point.” In other words, where you’re going doesn’t really matter. The purpose is the trip. I suppose this makes the idea of buying a nice car all theContinue reading “5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 2”

5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 1

Jesus Came to Die to Make Us Righteous I’m convinced that one of the great, controlling desires in our lives is the desire to be right. We are threatened when others disagree with us politically and theologically. We’re even threatened when people don’t like the same sports teams, movies and music that we like. We’reContinue reading “5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 1”

End Times Basics Lesson 4: New Heaven & Earth

Opening Discussion: What do you most look forward to in the new heavens and earth? Reunion with loved ones? I know I have a soft spot for the last scene in Field of Dreams where a dad and son get to have one last game of catch. Many people look forward to things like thisContinue reading “End Times Basics Lesson 4: New Heaven & Earth”

End-Times Basics Lesson 3: Hell and Judgment

A “Repulsive” Doctrine It’s obvious why many people wince at the earnest belief in hell or judgment. It’s obvious why even some professing Christians are embarrassed by it. Take Rob Bell as one example. A few years ago, his book “Love Wins” questioned the idea that Hell would really last forever. Bell is not alone.Continue reading “End-Times Basics Lesson 3: Hell and Judgment”

End Times Basics Lesson 2: The Resurrection

Introduction: Years ago I was visiting a family on the night they had lost a dearly loved relative. Of course, in those moments, there’s not much to say. You just pray and stay close. In this instance the family began saying things to each other in order to encourage themselves. One comment I’ll never forgetContinue reading “End Times Basics Lesson 2: The Resurrection”

End Times Basics Lesson 1: The Last Days

Why End-Times?There are often things that happen in our lives, or culture that increase our interest in God’s plans for the future – so I think there’s an understandable interest in the future when the present seems so crazy and uncertain. God does tell us some really important things about his plans and our hope forContinue reading “End Times Basics Lesson 1: The Last Days”

Christmas Presents for Streamers

It’s Christmas! So, we want to show a little extra love and Christmas spirit to our members and attenders who can’t physically join us on Christmas Eve. This Christmas Eve, if you are a member or regular attender at Discovery we’re inviting you to Livestream the service and make an encouraging comment on the FacebookContinue reading “Christmas Presents for Streamers”