Family Devotion Ideas 2.22.23

In the interest of safety and simplicity it’s our policy that when the school district cancels all classes and activities we also cancel midweek activities here. So, tonight’s activities (Discovery Zone, Adult Bible Study, and DZ volunteer meeting) are cancelled due to the winter storm warning. HOW TO USE YOUR FAMILY TIME TONIGHT If you’re likeContinue reading “Family Devotion Ideas 2.22.23”

What Should I Mean When I Say, “This is My Church”?

You may have noticed that we are increasingly becoming a culture that does not tolerate definitions. We are getting increasingly uncomfortable being “pinned down, boxed in, categorized and defined too rigidly.”  Just google sometime – does 2+2 always = 4 and you’ll see how far we’ve come. We’re actually questioning that now.  In Western societyContinue reading “What Should I Mean When I Say, “This is My Church”?”

Believe the Good News about Jesus

This short article is designed to simply announce the gospel: the good news about what Jesus has done in his life, death and resurrection. Specifically, this is here for those visitors to our church website that wanted to know a little bit more about how to get connected to Discovery Church. The first step inContinue reading “Believe the Good News about Jesus”

How Not To Be Harsh With Your Children

I can remember a day when I would watch the adults around me parenting their young children. I’d be in church, looking on from a distance and I would, honestly, marvel. I would think, “Man…look at those parents…they’re such idiots.” You know how it is. When you’re twenty-five you’re a genius. But then you becomeContinue reading “How Not To Be Harsh With Your Children”

There Is No Other Stream

Note: This is the manuscript from the first talk presented at Narnia’s Lantern Way: A Worldview Conference for the Whole Family, hosted at Discovery Church. There was an error in the video recording process and so the manuscript is presented here for anyone interested. John 3:1-16 “Now there was a man of the Pharisees namedContinue reading “There Is No Other Stream”

Why Yes, I Do Believe That Happened

So, in this modern and “enlightened” age, one of the things that you may have heard, even in a church, is that all those goofy Old Testament stories about prophets getting swallowed by big fish and mobile zoos surviving global floods are all made up. They say that they’re important stories but they’re important inContinue reading “Why Yes, I Do Believe That Happened”

9 Ways To Feel More Connected To Your Church

It can be a real challenge to feel connected to your church in this busy age. Not only is it busy there is also an information overload. Our inbox is loaded with easily dismissed messages and we’re constantly bombarded by entertainment and advertising. Not only that, when we come to church we might be soContinue reading “9 Ways To Feel More Connected To Your Church”

Informing The Conscience: Why you CAN watch “The Chosen” but MIGHT not want to.

To avoid any unnecessary and unhappy skerfuffling let me be clear up front: I have NO objections to someone watching “The Chosen”. None. Zip. Nada. Zilch. If I thought anyone cared what the Greek word for “no” is I’d type that here too. Ok, ok, it’s “ouk”. The Greek word for “no” is “ouk”. IContinue reading “Informing The Conscience: Why you CAN watch “The Chosen” but MIGHT not want to.”