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When Preachers Fall

Ravi Zacharias has not been one of those preachers/apologists I have closely followed or admired BUT I did appreciate him and his teaching when I would come in contact with it. So, I happily endorsed and recommended his teaching whenever anyone asked me about him. I personally benefited from many of his insights in sermons,Continue reading “When Preachers Fall”

Back of the Dog’s Ear

It’s been a while since I’ve addressed ‘Rona here…or anything here. Lately, I write for the same reason a dog scratches the back of his ear: there’s an itch. So, bear with me while I scratch a bit. Here are some of my current observations about this whole ‘Rona situation. One: ‘Rona is still notContinue reading “Back of the Dog’s Ear”

Teacher and Volunteer Enrichment

We recently gathered to get our hearts and minds ready for Fall Ministry and also take a first step at getting into a rhythm of sharing testimonies, brainstorming, and exercising our communication muscles as a congregation. We recorded it. You can watch that below:

Second Pastor Search

These are the notes and video-recap from our recent congregational update as we search for an additional pastor to partner with us in the ministry. Why we’re searching:  The size of our congregation: We are blessed with enough people that more pastors would benefit the people who already call Discovery their church home. The opportunities:Continue reading “Second Pastor Search”

In Defense of Hymns

Hymns have the distinction of being stereotyped as old and dull. Many of them certainly are old. My favorite (Be Thou My Vision) was translated from the old Irish in 1905. And, of course, they can also be sung and played with little life or vibrancy, making for a dull service. But the problem withContinue reading “In Defense of Hymns”


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