Help! God Doesn’t Answer My Prayers

This past Sunday we talked about Elijah and the Prophets of Baal from 1 Kings 18. We know from looking at James 5:17-18 that one “takeaway” from this story is about the power of prayer. The priests of Baal prayed fervently but “No one answered; no one paid attention” (1 Kings 18:29). It becomes apparentContinue reading “Help! God Doesn’t Answer My Prayers”

A Helpful Response to the Gay Choir Boys

Recently the San Francisco Gay “Men’s” Choir posted a video singing about how they are “coming for our children”. Some significant lyrics include: “But you’re just frightened – you think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny – just this once – you’re correct.” “We’ll convert your children – happens bitContinue reading “A Helpful Response to the Gay Choir Boys”

Why Make a Big Deal About Jailed Canadian Pastor?

In our last two Sunday worship services I’ve mentioned Pastor Tim Stephens in some fashion (once in a prayer and another time in a sermon application point). Pastor Tim was arrested last week for organizing and leading an outdoor worship service for his Calgary congregation. I’m going to continue to bring his name up inContinue reading “Why Make a Big Deal About Jailed Canadian Pastor?”

Letter to Pastor Tim Stephens in Jail

Pastor Tim, I became aware of your situation through the brothers at Cross Politic. I write as a pastor and a brother in Christ who prays earnestly for your vindication, comfort and strength. I pray for your family and have openly encouraged our congregation to join me. I thank God for your faithfulness to theContinue reading “Letter to Pastor Tim Stephens in Jail”

5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die Part 5

Jesus Came to Die Because He Loved The Father My kids are in that wonderful season of life where they are constantly measuring and comparing things. Everything is a contest. Everything is being compared for its value against something else. They sometimes ask me, “Dad, who do you love more…us or mom?” Now this mayContinue reading “5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die Part 5”

5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 4

Jesus Came to Die So That We Could Stop Sinning A friend once told me about his experience visiting a deep underground cave while on a sight-seeing tour. My friend recalled that when they first entered the cave he couldn’t wait to leave. The tour guide had not turned on any lights. It was dark.Continue reading “5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 4”

5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 3

Jesus Came to Die to Make us Brothers and Sisters One implication of the truth that we are “in Christ” is that we are one with everyone else who is “in Christ” by faith. The Scriptures express this in a variety of ways. We all have the “one Spirit”. We are all members of theContinue reading “5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 3”

5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 2

Jesus Came to Die to Bring Us to God I once watched a car commercial where a gravelly voiced narrator told viewers that the “journey was the point.” In other words, where you’re going doesn’t really matter. The purpose is the trip. I suppose this makes the idea of buying a nice car all theContinue reading “5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 2”

5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 1

Jesus Came to Die to Make Us Righteous I’m convinced that one of the great, controlling desires in our lives is the desire to be right. We are threatened when others disagree with us politically and theologically. We’re even threatened when people don’t like the same sports teams, movies and music that we like. We’reContinue reading “5 Reasons Jesus Came to Die: Part 1”