Family Devotion Ideas 2.22.23

In the interest of safety and simplicity it’s our policy that when the school district cancels all classes and activities we also cancel midweek activities here. So, tonight’s activities (Discovery Zone, Adult Bible Study, and DZ volunteer meeting) are cancelled due to the winter storm warning.


If you’re like me you didn’t grow up in a home where it was common to do family devotions. My mom “tried her darnedest” but she didn’t have the support she deserved. Speaking for myself, it’s taken me about ten years to figure out how to get my own family in the rhythm of daily family time in the Word. I have to say…it’s very rewarding! So, understand, that’s where I’m coming from when I encourage you to use the extra time you’re given on days like today to try out family devotions. 

There’s not a “one size fits all” approach to this. You should do what works for your family. In our case, our kids are still young so all we’re doing is reading a catechism question from The New City Catechism, briefly asking each other questions about it, then reading a chapter of the Bible. Sometimes we’ll throw a song in there to listen to and discuss. And that’s really it. Actually, we always watch a Dude Perfect video after that too…but that’s just for fun! 

Below, I’m going to list some resources that you can use right away if you want to fit them into your family time tonight. 

Good Ideas for Couples w/o kids in the home 

Check out a sermon together from any of the following gospel-centered ministries:

Truth For Life

Desiring God

Grace To You

Discovery Church Youtube Page

Ideas for Families

The Bible Project: These are animated videos that explain whole books of the Bible and various themes throughout the Bible. Pick out one or two and then read a passage of the Bible together. Tell everyone they have to ask one question about or point out something they noticed. 

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Pastor at Discovery Church, Yankton, SD.

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