Christmas Presents for Streamers

It’s Christmas! So, we want to show a little extra love and Christmas spirit to our members and attenders who can’t physically join us on Christmas Eve. This Christmas Eve, if you are a member or regular attender at Discovery we’re inviting you to Livestream the service and make an encouraging comment on the Facebook page. If you do that you can choose from a “gift-basket” containing some of the following *gifts:

ESV Illuminated Scripture Journals: Our next sermon series will be a short trip through the book of Esther. This journal gives the reader a place to write their own copy of Esther or just take notes from sermons or in their own personal study. After Esther will be our series through 1 Peter so we have journals from 1 Peter as well!

Next up is the amazing ESV Study Bible: This is the Bible we gave away to our 2020 graduates and it’s full to the brim with extremely helpful study notes, maps, book summaries, and cross references.

Of course we also have some family friendly stuff we want to share as well!

First is: The Biggest Story – a great book for families to read together that sums up the whole story of the Bible. It’s fun to read and has really captivating illustrations.

And finally, of course, I have to give away something from the greatest children’s series ever written: The Chronicles of Narnia. So, if your family has never read the Chronicles of Narnia you should read the one that started it all: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Just livestream the Christmas Eve service at 5:30 on Thursday AND comment with an encouraging word and we’ll hook you up.

*our supplies are limited so we may not be able to offer every commenter any gift of their choice but we will make sure everyone who comments gets something.

Published by Cory Kitch

Pastor at Discovery Church, Yankton, SD.

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